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Drill of the week


-Introduce points (2 for scoring in goal or throught the gate, -3 for conceding through gate.

-Work from the opposite side

Key Factors

Quality of pass

Shoot early, choice of shot (Power, Placement, Volley)

​Communication, demand the ball, let player know where you want to recieve

​Early and fast recovery towards the gate.


-Players split into 4 groups (A, B, C, D)

1) Player A passes to first player B
2) Player B returns the pass to player A
3) Player A shoots on goal
4) As Player A shoots Player C passes the ball to Player D
5) Player D tries to accelerate through the gate with the ball as Player A recovers to try prevent Player D from going through the gate


A moves to position B, B moves to position C etc

Skill of the Week

This weeks skill of the week is the 'Neymar Flick', an excellent new way to beat a defender.


Get practising and show this skill in training and matches.


When you have mastered the skill show your manager and coaches



FInishing with transition

gallery/shooting with transition to defend
gallery/shooting with transition to defend